Estrada Paraíso

Gold, diamonds, gemstones and … coffee

At one time, the region around the "Estrada de Ferro" produced the rarest, most precious goods on earth: gold, diamonds and gemstones. Today, there are still true treasures to be found here, because the best coffees in the world grow in the mineral-rich soils that gently cover the mountain landscapes. These are so precious and important for trade that the inhabitants affectionately refer to their coffee as "black gold". 

Brazil is coffee – and coffee is Brazil
Because of its location in the midst of the coffee belt near the Equator, Brazil has developed a very close relationship with its coffees. The tropical and subtropical climate of the country provides unique conditions for coffee growing and the ideal foundation for the typically soft flavor notes of Brazilian coffees. 

The height of pleasure 
It's not just our standards for coffees that are high – some of the growing regions are also well above sea level. Our Estrada Paraìso, for example, is made from beans that grow at an altitude of 950 – 1,100 m, which is an unusually high location for Brazil.