Limited Edition

Guatemala: Cooperative ASOBAGRI

In the mountains of Huehuetenango in Guatemala, not far from the Mexican border, are the plantations of the ASOBAGRI cooperative. Many of the cooperative's women farmers are part of the worldwide "Café Femenino" program - a movement that aims to improve the quality of life for women. They are given access to clean water, food security for their families and are also empowered to take on leadership roles through continuous training.
This coffee was produced exclusively by women of the cooperative and subsequently refined by our Hamburg roasting masters. It is Fairtrade certified, handpicked and, above all, simply unbelievably good - both in taste and socially.
Caffè Intense
Those who like it intensive and full-bodied will be enthusiastic. Due to its dark roast, this caffè fascinates due to its full and complex taste with hints of dark chocolate and a touch of liquorice.
Caffè Mild
For all those who prefer a mildly aromatic coffee: Caffè Mild captivates with its velvety chocolaty taste accompanied by sweetish notes of caramel and dates.