Indian Nilgiri

A successful duo: Robusta-Arabica

The basis for every coffee is the bean. Coffee connoisseurs make a distinction between arabica and robusta. Somehow at the back of their brains somewhere, people have stored the information "arabica good – robusta bad". However, this massive generalization does not do justice to the robusta bean. Because there are some incredibly good robustas and a vast quantity of very good mixtures – we'd count our Espresso Indian Nilgiri among them. 
Coffee of the first water
For our coffees, we only use washed robustas which are prepared just as painstakingly as a good arabica. The robusta that refines our Indian Nilgiri comes from the lowlands and is one of the best and most expensive that we can obtain at the moment. It gives the mixture a rich, earthy aroma with a low acidity. Experts love the intense flavor of this mixture – as an espresso or as a full-bodied, powerful basis for the perfect cappuccino.