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Individual coffee just like a barista makes

You want perfect crema from the best coffees? Just a little espresso and lots of hot milk? Or maybe a long café crème with plenty of cold foam? Until now, this was something only your favorite barista could do. But now you can do it yourself too. With Qbo – the new premium coffee system.

Shop online

If you feel at home online and prefer to shop there, take a look around our online shop. You can take your time browsing through our Qbo Coffees 24 hours a day and order via our premium sales partner. 
NEW: You can now lease the Qbo Machine without obligation.

Shop offline

Would you like to smell, feel and preferably taste your new favorite coffee before stocking up on it? Well, just drop by. We'd be delighted to invite you to try a Qbo Coffee specialty in one of our stores.




The Qbo App

Become coffee-creative – with your smartphone

Coffee is about getting the setting right: With the Qbo App, you can simply set how much coffee, hot or cold milk and froth you want in your coffee yourself. And then you can use the app to start the coffee preparation remotely or time it for a later time. 

With a Qbo Profile you get even more app features. All you need to do: Download the Qbo App and create a Qbo Profile. Then connect your Qbo Machine to the Wi-Fi, activate cloud communication and immediately get access to additional features in the Qbo App. For example the Bring my coffee service that delivers your coffee at the push of a button on the machine or the Qbo Rewards Catalogue with fancy products that you can redeem for points that you receive for drinking Qbo Coffee.

The Qbo App also makes it easier to care for your machine. Simply follow the care instructions step by step to extend the working life of your machine and ensure consistently high-quality coffee – day after day.

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