Download your own barista now

The Qbo App

Yo don't even need your own Qbo machine in order to create a coffee lika a barista with one. Using the App on your smartphone, you can operate any machine that is linked to the same Wi-Fi. If you want a cup of Qbo, install the Qbo App, create your own coffee and then discover where you can try it out free.

The Barista in your hand

Create your own coffee

Coffee is purely a matter of adjustment: With the Qbo App, you can determine exactly how you want your coffee, e.g. a light, extended espresso or a large Caffè Grande? With YOU-RISTA, you can determine how much hot or cold milk and foam shoud be in your cup. With the App you can prepare your very own, individual coffee creation and enjoy anywhere there is a Qbo machine.

In order for your coffee to come out like it was from the coffee shop barista, Qbo provides preparation instructions, and coffee and drink suggestions.

Finally – an app that helps out in the home

Set up Wi-Fi, look after your machine and make coffee

To connect your Qbo Machine with the Wi-Fi, simply follow the step-by-step instructions in the Qbo App. As soon as Wi-Fi is set up, you can always change your machine settings easily using your smartphone.
But the Qbo App can relieve you of even more work: By following its regular care guidelines and simple instructions, you'll extend the working life of your Qbo Machine and enjoy the authentic taste of Qbo Coffee every day.

The Qbo Profile

Passion of coffee 2.0

As machine owner you can access additional app and machine features with a Qbo Profile. All you need to do:

1.    Download the Qbo App and create a Qbo Profile.
2.    Connect your Qbo Machine with the Wi-Fi and activate cloud communication.

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