Download your own barista now

The Qbo App

To create a coffee like a barista makes with the YOU-RISTA, you don't even need your own machine. Using our app, you can use any machine that's connected with the same Wi-Fi as your smartphone. If you fancy a cup of Qbo, install the Qbo App now, create your own coffee and find out where you can try it free of charge.

The Barista in your hand

Create your own coffee

Coffee's all about getting the setting right: The Qbo App makes it easy for you to set how much coffee, hot or cold milk and froth you want in your coffee yourself. And then you can use the app to prepare your own individual creation and enjoy it wherever you find Qbo Machines. The only requirement is that your smartphone must be connected with the same Wi-Fi as the Qbo Machine.

To make sure that your coffee is just as successful as coffee made by a barista in a coffee shop, Qbo provides helpful hints on preparation and recommendations for coffee and other beverages.


Finally – an app that helps out in the home

Set up Wi-Fi, look after your machine and make coffee

To connect your Qbo Machine with the Wi-Fi, simply follow the step-by-step instructions in the Qbo App. As soon as Wi-Fi is set up, you can always change your machine settings easily using your smartphone.
But the Qbo App can relieve you of even more work: By following its regular care guidelines and simple instructions, you'll extend the working life of your Qbo Machine and enjoy the authentic taste of Qbo Coffee every day.

Drop by for a coffee!

Wherever Qbo is

In all our Qbo Stores we look forward to chatting with you about good coffee and more. Come by and try our premium Coffees!

The Qbo App always provides details of our sales locations. That way, you'll never miss a chance to try and get to know Qbo Coffee.

The Qbo Profile

Passion of coffee 2.0

As machine owner you can access additional app and machine features with a Qbo Profile. All you need to do:

1.    Download the Qbo App and create a Qbo Profile.
2.    Connect your Qbo Machine with the Wi-Fi and activate cloud communication.

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