Oro Nariño

Almost unattainable quality

Colombia alone is synonymous with very fine coffees – but the province of Nariño produces by far the highest coffee quality we can buy. This is also the reason for the name: Oro – the "gold of Nariño". Here, coffee is grown on small, family-run plantations in the heights of the Colombian Andes. The soil owes its fertility to eight impressive volcanos which surround Nariño and make travelling to the region a laborious task. As in a bygone era, loads are transported along the steep, almost impassable paths to the plains using hard-working donkeys. 

The pain and the gain
And what is all this effort for? Once you reach the top, you realize: the breath-taking panorama, luscious greenery, massive rock formations, sunlight breaking through the mysterious mist and, of course, first-class coffee. Although we don't know whether the plants are aware of this impressive backdrop, they certainly benefit from the warm winds rising from the mountain gorges that allow the fruits to ripen slowly. In this way, the beans can unfold their complex body and develop their finely balanced aroma. And a nice view certainly can't do any harm.