With the new Firmware 1.40, we're making your Qbo fit for the future. From now on, you can also start and time the preparation of your coffee without lifting a finger – by using your voice. All you need is the new Firmware and Qbo App plus the Qbo Skill for Amazon Alexa.
You'll find full information about Qbo Skill here
Along with the option of operation via Alexa, Firmware 1.40 contains technical improvements and updates.

How to update the firmware:

As soon as a new firmware version appears, your Qbo Machine automatically downloads it in a few minutes. It does this shortly before it automatically switches off. The next time you switch on, everything will have been installed. To make sure it runs this smoothly, connect your machine to the Wi-Fi and activate the function “automatic firmware update” in the app. Find out how here. Tip: Just leave the function activated – then you’ll never miss an update. 


Does it all seem logical and yet not quite clear somehow? Then ask us personally at GER: (0049)0800 2000 411 and AT: (0043)0800 555 649 or in writing here

PS: This firmware update only works completely automatically if you have set your machine’s Wi-Fi in the app at “always on standby”, e.g. in order to be able to send drinks to your machine at any time.

Firmware Update 1.30

The free update offers you lots of amazingly useful features so that you can make best use of all the Wi-Fi advantages of your Qbo Machine:

  • Remote coffee brewing with the app: Simply create your favorite coffee in the app and start brewing comfortably from the sofa. To the Instructions
  • Timed Brew: Have your coffee served to you at the precise time you want it – up to 7 days in advance. To the Instructions 
  • The Qbo Bring my coffee service: New capsules at the press of a button – add your favorite varieties to the shopping basket in the Qbo App and order new supplies from your machine. Read more here
  • Wi-Fi diagnosis: Is the link between your app and the machine not working as usual, or are you having problems getting a Wi-Fi connection? Now you can use the new "Wi-Fi diagnosis" function in your machine's settings menu.


Remember to update the Qbo App too, so that you can use all the new functions immediately. You'll find the update in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. You'll find full details of the new app functions here


Firmware Update 1.22

Behind her beautiful cover, our You-Rista also develops technically further. This firmware update contains technical optimizations. Your daily handling of the machine will not change.


Firmware Update 1.21

You don’t drink yesterday’s coffee. So why use yesterday’s software? Thanks to your feedback, we’ve been able to incorporate lots of your requests into the latest firmware update and improve a few more things too. Your YOU-RISTA now registers, for example, which capsule you’ve saved in the Qbo App for your coffee creation and shows it to you directly on your display. With the optimized short rinse function it cleans the MILK MASTER even more intensively. The machine also tells you immediately the things you need to do, such as topping up the water or emptying the capsule collector. Not just at the moment when you next want to prepare your favorite coffee. And on the subject of the capsule collector: With the latest firmware update, your YOU-RISTA counts all the used capsules correctly. Sadly, this hasn’t always worked properly until now. Fortunately, our machine has Wi-Fi. So it can keep on learning any time. And finally, good news for the eyes: Your drinks will now be shown in the display in smart Qbo Glasses.