The full range without any effort

With our MILK MASTER, you can prepare any milk creation just by pressing a single button, because the milk doesn’t need to be frothed up separately. By simply selecting the drink, you can create your favorite coffee, complete with milk and foam.
The MILK MASTER is the first integrated milk foamer for capsules that can prepare your foam both hot and cold. From a cappuccino to an iced latte macchiato, it can meet all your requirements, and it can be attached to any Qbo Machine.
Once again, professional baristas have inspired us in the design of our MILK MASTER – we’ve included a practical temperature display. So you can see at a glance whether your milk is below 7°C, making it ideal for any type of foam.

Technical details

- Can be used in combination with any YOU-RISTA
- 600 ml capacity
- Milk jug made from high-quality Tritan
- Temperature indication to check milk temperature (ideally below 7°C)
- Weight: approx. 1 kg
- 24 months warranty


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