Qbo - The new capsule system

Discover the Qbo Principle! The finest coffee, innovative technology and all sorts of helpful tips and tricks are all you need for your new vocation: barista.

Discover Qbo for yourself

The finest coffee in 100% recyclable capsules

The work of a barista stands or falls by the quality of the coffee. That’s why our cube-shaped coffee capsules contain a whole 7.5 g of the finest premium coffee from the best growing areas in Africa, South America and India. 7.5 g of certified sustainably produced coffee. 7.5 g, each of which has its own story to tell. Packaged in precisely 0.0 g aluminum – 100% recyclable.

Perfect crema
– the mark of quality

The hallmark of every coffee professional: the consistency of the crema. Impress yourself and your guests with the perfect crema – thanks to the patented Qbo PressBrew system, this tour de force will now work for you every time.

Hot stuff or totally chilled?

Thanks to our MILK MASTER, you can conjure up the right foam for any type of milky coffee – whether it’s a refreshingly ice-cold Iced Latte, a creamy Latte Macchiato or a hot little crown on your cappuccino.

The technology behind it – pure delight

With the YOU-RISTA, we’ve thought of everything: sophisticated technology, simple operation, clear design and the innovative option of constantly expanding its functions – thanks to Wi-Fi.

The Qbo App
– for smart coffee drinkers

Qbo is different, Qbo is smart – thanks to the Qbo App. You're networked even while you're drinking coffee, and there's no limit to your creativity. With the App, your favorite coffee is just about getting the setting right and can easily be prepared in barista quality on any Qbo Machine connected to the Wi-Fi. The App learns and will give you individual recommendations to help you keep discovering new coffees and beverages all the time. It also regularly sends professional tips on machine care, turning you into a real coffee expert.

The Qbo Profile

Passion of coffee 2.0

As machine owner you can access additional app and machine features with a Qbo Profile. All you need to do:

1.    Download the Qbo App and create a Qbo Profile.
2.    Connect your Qbo Machine with the Wi-Fi and activate cloud communication.


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