The Qbo Profile:
for additional features

You can use the Qbo App with or without a Qbo Profile. If you are a machine owner we highly recommend to you to create a Qbo Profile because by doing so you automatically activate additional app features and you profit from Qbo Promotions and little surprises such as:

-    “Bring my coffee” service
-    Qbo Rewards
-    “Recommend Qbo” program
-    Machine administration
-    Brew and machine statistics

We continuously further develop the Qbo App, therefore you should not miss any Qbo App updates – our tip: under app settings you can activate automatic app updates in order to access the latest features immediately.

How it works:
profile setup

To open a Qbo Profile in the app, you’ll need a valid e-mail address and a password, and you’ll also need to agree to the Terms and Conditions in the Qbo App. After entering your data, you’ll receive an e-mail with a link to confirm your e-mail address.After you’ve successfully confirmed it, your Qbo Profile is activated. Now you only need to connect your Qbo Machine to the Wi-Fi and activate cloud communication, if not done already and you’ll be getting even more out ot the Qbo App. 

Good to know: you can use your Qbo Profile on many smartphones at a time so your family members and friends can also use all additional features that you activated on your machine with your Qbo Profile.

Qbo Rewards:
Get rewarded for drinking Qbo Coffee

As a machine owner with a Qbo Profile you not only can indulge in delicious coffee moments but also can look forward to great Qbo Rewards. Each coffee that runs through your machine brings you closer to the next reward you desire. For every 10th coffee you receive one point, the first rewards can be redeemed with a total of 25 points collected. All rewards and the number of points needed are displayed on the rewards catalogue in your Qbo Profile. You receive a voucher code for the chosen rewards that you can redeem with your next order at or