A gift of €50

I want to recommend Qbo

Do you know someone who'd love to enjoy the finest barista-quality coffee too? Then recommend Qbo to him or her now and you can both look forward to receiving a capsule voucher* worth €50 each.

It's easy: 
1.    Go to “More” in the Qbo App and choose “Recommend Qbo”
2.    Click on "Recommend"
3.    Choose how you would like to send your recommendation
4.    Click on "Send message" – and that's it
IMPORTANT: You need to activate push notifications  for „Promotions & Offers“ to receive the thank you voucher code.

As soon as your friend has created a Qbo Profile in the app and has linked it to his or her new Qbo Machine, you'll find your thankyou vouchers in your Qbo App straight away. To the Conditions of Use

Qbo was recommended to you? Here you see what to do next. 

*Can be redeemed at the Tchibo onlineshop