The Qbo Principle

We're passionate about coffee. That's why only the world's best varieties make it into our Qbo Cubes. To maintain our superb quality in the long term too, we operate sustainably and are committed to protecting nature and improving living conditions for the coffee farmers and their families in the areas from which our coffees come.


Our 100% sustainable coffee capsules

Good looking inside and out

When we designed our capsules, we wanted to combine unusual design and sustainability at the same time. We had the same requirements for the content of our capsules too: first-class flavor and sustainable production. Together with the Rainforest Alliance, an independent standards organization, we've succeeded in doing this. Every Qbo Capsule contains the highest-quality, 100% sustainable coffee from farms certified by the Rainforest Alliance. The Alliance is committed worldwide to protecting nature and improving the living conditions of people locally. With every cup of Qbo, you're not only doing something good for yourself – you're also investing in the future of the countries from which our coffees come.For more information about the Rainforest Alliance, visit


Little capsules, big advantages

Qbo Capsules are made from high-quality plastic, contain no aluminum and are 100% recyclable. They can be collected in the Recycling Bag and disposed of in your “Gelber Sack”, which ensures maximum recycling.* You can pick up the Qbo Recycling Bags free of charge in Qbo Stores or add them to any Tchibo online order without charge.

Our cubic capsules not only have a unique design, they're also, most importantly, really small and compact. Due to their square shape, they save plenty of packaging materials. And because the cubic shape means that we can make better use of storage space, we even save space during transport -  which means fewer journeys.

(*exceptions may exist depending on the local disposal contractor)


Qbo cares

From the bean to the cup

With every cup of Qbo Coffee, we support coffee farmers, their families and their communities in our coffee-growing areas and invest in important welfare and environmental projects. At the moment, we are involved in the "Teens Project" in Guatemala. Coffee-picking families often expect ten- to thirteen-year-olds to help them with the harvest. As a result, their education is often neglected. Together with our regional partner Coffee Care, we offer seminars during the harvest to provide the children and young people with meaningful work and long-term prospects beyond seasonal coffee growing. In addition, we also provide sponsorship schemes with which we give twelve children a guaranteed school education all year round.