The machine that’s a true professional

We called our machine YOU-RISTA for a good reason. Because with it, you're the barista straight away. Now you can always prepare your favorite coffee to professional standards. It sounds ambitious, but it’s really easy with the YOU-RISTA. We’ve managed this with a unique combination of traditional barista craftsmanship and innovative technologies:

- Patented PressBrew brewing method
- Recognizes every capsule and selects exactly the right settings for brewing
- Functions are automatically updated via Wi-Fi
- Up to eleven preset Qbo Recipes and storage space for 50 recipes of your own
- Only takes 15 seconds to heat up
- Cup size can be set between 20 and 280 ml
- Professional care is easy with cleaning capsules

Intuitive operation and ingenious design

Preparing coffee professionally is an art – and the YOU-RISTA is the stage on which you perform. Because with its streamlined design, the machine allows you to spread your wings and leave your own personal imprint on your coffee. This is the modern way to enjoy coffee.

Its spacious display provides you with valuable information about the character of each coffee and what stage you've reached in preparation Helpful hints and step-by-step instructions make caring for your machine easier. The water tank, capsule collector and drip tray can be easily removed from the front. The volume is designed to ensure that your coffee is always freshly prepared.

Thanks to the use of high-quality materials like Zamac and first-class processing, YOU-RISTA is a bueatiful addition to yur kitchen, regardless of which of the five attractive design versions you choose. A connection on the discharge of your YOU-RISTA permits easy connection of the MILK MASTER and creation of delicious coffee-milk specialities.

Get connected!

Our YOU-RISTA is the first capsule machine with Wi-Fi. Is that why it makes better coffee? Obviously. The fact that this technology, for example, can help you look after your machine is just one of many reasons:

- With the iOS or Android app, you can develop individual coffee creations, send them to the machine and store them on it.

- We can provide you with useful care instructions and helpful hints matched to the latest status of your machine.
All you need to know about the Qbo App

- If you agree to data exchange – which is voluntary and can be switched on and off at any time, of course – you can enjoy all the benefits of Qbo World. In addition, it allows us to help you with service queries much more effectively.
Get to know Qbo World

- By regularly updating our firmware, we are constantly improving your machine’s functions to make sure that it always stays at the cutting edge of technology.
Learn more about the last firmware update


Professional care made easy

Alongside the brewing method, we’ve learned something else from watching professional baristas: machine care in three steps. Rinse, clean, descale. Only in this way can we achieve truly high-quality coffee and prolong the working life of the machine.

Once again, modern technology makes professional care as easy as possible. Every time you switch it on, your YOU-RISTA automatically rinses left-over water out of its pipes. This is the first step. The second step is child’s play too – thanks to our specially developed cleaning capsule. As soon as you insert it, your YOU-RISTA recognizes the capsule and goes into cleaning mode. After five minutes, you can enjoy the usual aroma of your favorite coffee – unadulterated by fatty coffee residues.
Now you just need to descale. We’ll tell you in good time when to do it and accompany you through the process on the display – so you won’t need to search out the instructions twice a year and interpret the flashing lights.

The Qbo App allows you to check any time whether your machine needs your attention.

Technical details

- Up to 19 bar pump pressure and capsule recognition for brewing parameters for each variety
- 2.8” display
- 900 ml water tank with illuminated water level display
- Cup height 15 cm, with cup rest that can be extended to 80 cm
- Capsule collector for around 6 capsules
- Automatic switch-off, selected in steps (1-120 minutes)
- Compact size: (H x W x D): 28.1 x 21.7 x 31.5 cm, weight: approx. 6 kg
- Cable length: 0.8 m
- Automatic switch-off time: preset after 9 minutes, < 0.5 W
- Networked standby mode: preset after 9 minutes, < 3 W (only with app setting:
Wi-Fi always on standby)
- Output: 1500 W
- 24 months warranty
- Available in Urban Grey, Ultimate Black and Vibrant Red
- Polished chrome metal finish for all models
- Matt metal surfaces for Urban Grey and Ultimate Black


Wi-Fi information

The Wi-Fi module supports:
- WPA(TKIP & CCMP)/WPA2(TKIP & CCMP)-PSK encryption
- 802.11 b/g/n
- 2.4 GHz
- IPv4
- TLSv1.0, TLSv1.1 and TLSv1.2 encryption

Other requirements
- Wi-Fi must have DHCP server
- Bonjour must be activated
- Internet access must be provided
- Port 443 (SSL) must be opened/released

The following Wi-Fi networks are not supported
- Hidden SSIDs
- Capture mechanisms (e.g. guest Wi-Fis with password entry page)
- Limited Wi-Fi sessions (session time-out after a predefined time)
- WPA enterprise
- 5 GHz

If you have agreed to data exchange when setting up the machine, only data are sent to Qbo which will allow you to access Qbo World or which will be helpful with service support. Find out here which data we mean.